My Go-To Strategies to get Top Dollar on Your Sale

My Go-To Strategies to get Top Dollar on Your Sale

1.  Clean, Declutter and Consult with a stager.  A home staged to sell to the target audience sells for an average of 6-10% more.  Plus, the cost of staging is always less than a price reduction.

2.  Create a sense of order on shelving, in drawers and in closets.  Nothing should be on the floor of closets unless it's a proper organized storage container.  And placing a bowl of fruit (green or red apples last the longest) on the counter, island or table make the house feel fresh.

3.  Highlight any possible natural light.  Remove curtains, screens and open blinds during showings.

4.  Take note of smell.  Replacing HVAC, furnace filters with special Allergen Plus Odor Reduction filters and running the AC fan for a couple hours before a showing can do wonders.  You can also dip a cloth in Pinesol and hide inside the closet by the front door.

5.  Maximize your First Impression with curb appeal.  

           a.  Updating the mailbox, house numbers, front door, door knocker and/or door handle can pack a big financial punch.

           b.  Landscape the yard with colorful flowers and fresh mulch, and keep the grass freshly mowed.

When it comes to selling your home, we can help you succeed.  And creating these environments don't need to cost a fortune. Just a few simple adjustments can mean thousands of additional dollars to your bottom line.