Fixes for the 10 Most Common decorating mistakes

If you’re scratching your head over why the decor in some of the spaces in your home leaves you feeling slightly underwhelmed, a remedy — or at least an improvement — may be just a few moves away.

1.  When Your Dark Walls Need a Lift

2.  When Your Shelves Are Bursting at the Seams

3.  When Your Sofa Is Pale and Interesting but Totally Impractical

4.  When Your Vignettes Look Like Bargain Tables

5.  When Your Family Room Doesn’t Feel Friendly

6.  When You Can’t Get the Hang of Hanging Art

7.  When Your White Kitchen Is Practical but Lacks Warmth

8.  Your ‘Focal Points’ Are All Over the Place

9.  When You Can’t Control Your Pillow Habit

10.  When You Haven’t Changed Anything in Years

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